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How to take care of skin naturally

[best natural skin products] No need to traumatize your budget to  take care of your skin !   With just a few ingredients - most of them already in our cupboards - it is possible to make  beauty products that are natural  and just as effective as those bought in the store.  Quickly discover our special homemade  face care  recipes  ! Face: the right gestures to adopt To  m aintain beautiful skin   in good health, it is essential to take care of it on a daily basis, whether you are a man or a woman.  To do this, a few simple steps should be taken in your beauty routine: Clean gently  :  To  remove impurities from the faces  like dead skin or pollution, remember to  clean your face  morning and evening.  Choose soft, alcohol-free products that do not attack the skin.  Indeed, it would risk producing excess sebum to protect itself, which would lead to clogging of the pores and the appearance of pimples and blackheads.  Moisturize your face   :  hydration is the key to  supple and firm sk

10 natural tips for glowing skin

[ best natural skin products]   Pollution, stress and lack of sleep: the skin is quickly prone to grayness! To cleanse the epidermis and regain its  healthy glow , here are ten natural remedies from ultra-effective grandmothers. 1. WATER TO HYDRATE To get oxygenated, the skin needs intense hydration. So, we set ourselves the rule of drinking eight glasses of water during the day… And we are no exception! 2. GRAPES TO SMOOTH Once a week, the epidermis is exfoliated to remove dead cells and deeply cleanse the skin. For this, we extract the seeds from a bunch of grapes. [ skincare with natural ingredients]   These are rubbed against the skin of the face and neck with circular motions. The complexion is immediately unified and luminous. 3. ROSE WATER TO HOMOGENIZE After removing make-up perfectly, we soak two cotton pads with rose water that we pat all over the face. As well suited to dry skin as to oily skin, rose water is renowned for its toning and purifying properties. Guara