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5 ways to black hair with natural ingredients without going to a salon

  [best natural hair products for black hair] Many people desire to have  black hair  and naturally shiny.  Therefore, there are many ways that people do to blacken their hair.  One of them is by coloring it in a salon. Coloring your hair  in a salon can indeed make you have black hair as you wish.  However, the use of chemical hair dyes of course can harm and damage hair.  In addition, to have shiny hair, of course, you have to do routine maintenance.  Of course, in doing this hair treatment, you have to spend or prepare a separate budget. Instead of paying for expensive hair care, it's better to use natural ingredients.  Of course, using natural ingredients is healthier and you can have naturally black hair. In addition, if your hair is damaged, even how to blacken your hair with natural ingredients can help restore hair nutrition.  Various natural ingredients can be used as a way to blacken hair. 1. Candlenut Oil It's no secret that hazelnut oil can be used to blacken hair.

6 Ways to Get Shiny Black Hair with Natural Ingredients

[Best Natural Products for black hair] Having  shiny black  hair  and healthy  hair  is the dream of many people.  Various ways are done by people to be able to blacken their hair to make it look charming.  One of them is by coloring hair. However, dyeing your hair, in the long run, will make your hair unhealthy and break down quickly.  This is because of the chemical content in the hair dye that is used for a long time. Having shiny hair, of course, will spend and spend the budget to care for it.  For that, there is a solution that you can use, namely using natural ingredients in your home that are cheap and easy to get. Here are six ways to make  shiny black  hair  with natural ingredients 1. Mango Mango is a fruit that is rich in fiber for consumption.  In addition, the nutritional content in mangoes is also very good for hair care.  Not only that, but the vitamin A content can also restore a natural shine to your hair. [African hair products for hair growth] It's easy, take a

The Best Organic Skin Care Products That Are Safe To Use

[Best certified organic skin care products] Lately, the trend of organic and natural products is growing  Various cosmetic and skincare brands continue to echo the organic concept which is really good for your skin.  Check out the list of the best organic skincare products that you can use in this article, let's go! Whamisa Real Kelp Mask Talking about organic skincare products, Korea is one of the largest organic concept skincare producers.  Even though it has not yet entered Indonesia, the Whamisa real kelp mask has taken a lot of attention from  world  beauty enthusiasts . Whamisa Real Kelp Mask is made from 100 percent seaweed which is rich in antioxidants that can moisturize the skin.  Whamisa Real Kelp Mask is made from extracts of seaweed, bamboo, aloe vera, and fruit which makes it especially suitable for dry skin owners.  Even so, some reviews say the Whamisa Real Kelp Mask has a moist texture that doesn't make it feel sticky even in the hot air De Mamiel Pure Cleansi

"11 Types of Natural Ingredients That Can Be Used for Skin Care"

1. Coconut oil  [skin products for black people]   Coconut oil is one of the natural ingredients that can be used for skin care. Its use can be applied topically or even consumed directly. One of the benefits of using coconut oil for skincare is that it can clean dead skin cells, strengthen skin tissue, and protect the skin from sunburn. Apart from that, coconut oil can also be used as an excellent antibiotic, to get rid of bacteria, fungi, or even viruses that may have grown on the epidermis of your skin. Coconut oil is also effective against skin diseases such as dermatitis.  2. Tea tree oil  Tea tree oil may be foreign to our ears, but you can use tea tree oil to treat facial acne, inflammation, and redness of skin. Tea tree oil also play a vital role in the treatment of acnex . Tea tree oil works as a natural anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal ingredient. You can use tea tree oil by applying it directly to the affected skin.  3. Grape seed oil  This natural ingredie

4 Reasons to Switch to Organic Skincare Products

  [ skincare with natural ingredients]   Taking care of the skin to be healthy and beautiful is not easy.  Apart from being diligent, you are also required to be smart in choosing skincare products.  Because if not, there will be skin problems such as dullness, acne, or even dependence on a product.  Now, to answer this need, now there are many  organic skin care  products that have more benefits than ordinary beauty products. Similar to organic food, which is now popular, several community groups are also trying to switch to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.  Looking for  organic skin care  products  is now not difficult, you can find them in supermarkets or  online  stores .  However, what is the reasons for switching to  organic  skincare  products?  Here's the review: It is safer because it does not contain chemical   According to dermatologists, we should avoid using  regular  skincare  products  for a long time.  Because, this  non-organic  skincare  usually contains

Best Organic Mask Recommendations (Newest in 2020)

[ best organic skin care]   Organic masks are face masks that use 100% natural ingredients.  Unlike regular masks, organic masks do not use chemical additives.  All ingredients come from nature so that they do not become toxic to the body and do not damage the environment when used for a long time. There are many organic mask products on the market, such as from The Bath Shop, Sensatia Botanicals, and Skin Dewi.  In this article, we will explain how to choose the right organic mask and some product recommendations.  With organic masks, you can be beautiful without side effects! Why do you need to use an organic mask? Organic masks are made from natural ingredients without the use of harmful chemical additives, so they are safe to use at any time.  In addition, there are several other reasons why you need to use an organic mask.  We will explain it below! Masks with chemicals can be dangerous if used long term T here are several types of chemicals in  skincare  products   that are widel