5 ways to black hair with natural ingredients without going to a salon


[best natural hair products for black hair] Many people desire to have black hair and naturally shiny. Therefore, there are many ways that people do to blacken their hair. One of them is by coloring it in a salon.

Coloring your hair in a salon can indeed make you have black hair as you wish. However, the use of chemical hair dyes of course can harm and damage hair. In addition, to have shiny hair, of course, you have to do routine maintenance. Of course, in doing this hair treatment, you have to spend or prepare a separate budget.

Instead of paying for expensive hair care, it's better to use natural ingredients. Of course, using natural ingredients is healthier and you can have naturally black hair.

In addition, if your hair is damaged, even how to blacken your hair with natural ingredients can help restore hair nutrition. Various natural ingredients can be used as a way to blacken hair.

1. Candlenut Oil

It's no secret that hazelnut oil can be used to blacken hair. In addition, this method of black hair with hazelnut oil can make your hair thicker too. This is because of the vitamin content in hazelnut which you can use as a natural dye.

How to black hair with hazelnut oil is quite easy. To be able to get this hazelnut oil, you only need to burn or roast the hazelnut until it turns blackish color. Then you can grind the hazelnut to release the oil. After that, rub the hazelnut oil that you get into your hair evenly. Of course, to get natural black hair results, you have to do it regularly.

2. Coconut Oil

[best hair growth products for black hair] The next way to black hair is to use coconut oil. You can get shiny black hair like a model. Coconut oil, which you can find easily, can also be used as a hair care ingredient. In addition, as a way to blacken hair, another benefit of coconut oil is to keep the hair moisturized so it doesn't dry out and it doesn't fall out easily.

Using coconut oil to blacken your hair is easy. You only need to heat a little coconut oil, then apply it all over the hair that is dry or half wet. Let stand for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Coconut oil is able to make your hair grow black and shiny naturally. Don't forget to do it regularly.

3. Olive Oil

Not only good for maintaining healthy skin. You can also use olive oil as a way to blacken your hair naturally. All you need to do to black hair with olive oil is apply about 5 drops of olive oil all over your hair.

But you have to use pure olive oil without a mixture of other ingredients. After that, leave it overnight so that the nutrients in the olive oil penetrate the hair.

The next day, rinse your hair with clean water and shampoo, don't forget to use a conditioner too. In addition, try not to use a hairdryer or flat iron to dry your hair. You just need to let your hair dry naturally with the help of a hair towel.

4. Aloe Vera

Having healthy shiny hair is everyone's dream, especially women. You can also get it by using aloe vera. In addition, aloe vera can help you to get black and shiny hair. How to black hair with aloe vera is also very easy.

You only need to choose aloe vera with thick enough meat. Take the aloe vera meat and blend until soft. You don't need to wash it, because aloe vera has the water it needs to nourish hair.

If the aloe vera meat is smooth like a mask, you only need to apply it all over your hair and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes so that the nutritional content is absorbed into the hair. [african american hair growth products that work] After that wash it clean. You can use this aloe vera mask at least once a week on a regular basis.

5. Apple Skin

It turns out that not only apples have a myriad of benefits. Apple skin seems to have benefits for you. Apple skin itself has the benefit of minimizing gray hair and can make your hair shiny black.

How to black hair with apple skin to prevent gray hair is to puree the apple and its skin using a blender. You can use several apples according to your hair needs. After that apply all over the hair and let stand for about 15 minutes. After that, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. You can use this apple treatment every day.


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